Erik UpperErik Upper
Marketing Coordinator

Erik Upper is a professional writer and marketer, with a history of working in academia. Erik has two books and multiple marketing campaigns under his belt.

Known for his fun, sociable attitude and care for others, Erik has become a trusted and valuable member of the Niagara community. His focus in marketing lies primarily with artists, small businesses, copywriting and event management, but he aims to expand to other avenues.

Alongside Niagara Arts Showcase, Erik is also currently working with Spiritual Niagara as their marketing coordinator, and does outside work as a freelance marketer. While he’s just getting started with his career, he’s already developed quite a name for himself within the art and small business communities in Niagara, as well as a couple other areas outside of the region.

Before entering the world of marketing, Erik worked primarily in academia as a Professional Student at Brock University, and as a Contract Archivist for the Niagara Falls Public Library. He wanted to continue his career in this field, before realizing that he preferred to work with his skills in public speaking and assisting others on a more personal level.