It is no exaggeration to say that talking to Chance restored my faith in humanity.  In a world full of darkness and terror, people like Chance serve as a small glimmer of hope in a seemingly hopeless future.  Chance’s goal through his art is to connect with people of all backgrounds, help them understand the world around them and to show how art can be used to turn negatives into positives.  In his words, “To take negative experiences and finesse them into positives ones”

Originally from Waterloo, Ontario, Chance came to Brock University on a wrestling scholarship to study Kinesiology.  Through Brock’s “Both sides of the Brain” campaign, which is designed to encourage students to incorporate creativity in their academic studies, Chance was able to integrate his love for Kinesiology with his passion for art.  Most of Chance’s work centres around visual art and art instillations. He partnered with the Brock Athletic Department to create what he calls “The Perfect Athlete”. This piece is a visual art piece featuring compilations of photos of several athletes at Brock into one athlete; representing unity between Brock and its athletic community.  

Another piece to note is one he created in a troubled neighbourhood in Waterloo.  Chance spoke in detail about creating a space where kids of all backgrounds could come and create.  Within this installation, local kids were taught how to brain storm, paint, draw and use a camera for different forms of expression.  He believes strongly in the importance of expression.

Taking matters into his own hands, Chance has started his own company known as BBBBlanc*, with the four B’s representing moving forward towards the future and the asterisk representing the uniqueness of the brand.  BBBBlanc* is a collaborative platform aiming to assist in the creation of projects by youth and young adults, as well as providing services in brand strategizing.

Being a student in the Niagara Region, Chance noticed the lively and diverse culture that Niagara has to offer.  Unfortunately, many students return to their hometowns at the end of the school year and miss out on the opportunity to experience the culture in Niagara to its full potential. Chance hopes to encourage these students with his art to engage in everything region has to offer and make them feel as though they belong here.  Give them a place they can call home, just as he has.

About the Author:
 Valerie Fraser is a 21-year-old student from Hamilton, Ontario in her third year of Media Communications at Brock University. She comes from a very artistic family across all platforms, including: painting, theatre, opera, piano and other instruments. She has a great appreciation for art and music and has experience in theatre, voice, piano, violin and guitar. She has worked in the customer service industry for many years and enjoys engaging with her community in various capacities. Her hobbies include: photography, video games, spending time with friends, eating ice cream and hanging out with her dog Sophie.

ARTISTS!  Make sure to get your applications in for the CANADA DAY QUEEN ST ART SHOW!  Applications close TODAY, June 8th!

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Queen St. Art Show!

ARTISTS!! Make sure to send in your Submission for the Canada Day Queen Street Art Show!! Spaces are limited! Apply here:

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