Robert BoraRobert Bora
Logistics Manager/Art Committee

I painted my first oil painting in 1967 at the age of fourteen and I was hooked. I continued to paint and study painting by attending group and private lessons as a teen but it wasn’t until I attended a life drawing class in college that I knew what I wanted to do. However for economic reasons my life took me off into another direction.

Upon graduation I worked and excelled in the fields of interior design, visual merchandising and graphic arts. For fifteen years I held the position of National Manager of Retail Sore Design and Visual Presentation for Sony if Canada, the Sony stores. I freelanced for many years in my own in retail store/fixture design, point of purchase design, graphic arts and visual presentation for such clients as Eaton’s, The Bay, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Bowering’s and Elizabeth Taylor just to mention a few. I still continued to paint and attend evening classes in fine art at local universities and colleges.

However after many years of navigating successfully through the corporate world the excitement and glamour of that lifestyle began to fade away and become less important. What I really wanted to do was to paint full time, so I made the decision pack up and migrate back to my roots in the Niagara Peninsula to paint full time and have been doing it ever since.

My paintings depict the everyday and easily ignorable things that most people take for granted, emphasizing on colour, shape, light and shadow. I’ve learned over the years to break down my subject matter to it’s simplest form, eliminating the chaos and clutter to achieve and capture a more defined intensity.

A few artists that I admire are Canadian artists Christopher Pratt and Alex Colville.

I’m looking forward in sharing my extensive training and experience In fine art and design with the Niagara Arts Showcase Team to further aide in the increase of art appreciation and exposure in the Niagara Peninsula.